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Ucok Impatient

Ucok the BIG boy is GROWING impatient about the new electric fence plan where he will get to mingle with the rest of the herd free of chains. Two things about this photo and I have highlighted one of them. Small steps to creating a better environment for the elephants of PLG Seblat and the creation of an electric fence will allow the elephants to be free of chains and secondly to mingle creating the potential for breeding. Ucok is not wanting to wait any longer. As you can see. Details on how you can support below.


shop for elephants > elephantsofsumatra.com
support the projects > berdiri.org
support this photography project > patreon/brucelevick

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Full article on Elephants of Sumatra http://elephantsofsumatra.com/ucok-impatient/


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