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New Body

It is something I have been working towards for quite some time. Going FULL FRAME. Up until recently I have never needed the use of the more expensive full frame body’s. I have always managed to maintain my moto of spending less on the body and more on the lenses. But when the now crazy popular A7III was announced as the “basic” model with more features than you can poke a stick at it was an easy decision. The a6500 is a great camera but now was the obvious time for me to pull the trigger on going full frame. So far I am seeing and loving the improved results and it has really motivated me to get back out there and explore.

#A7III, #Beach, #Beautifulworld, #Bengkulu, #Exploreasia, #Exploreindonesia, #Filters, #Indonesia, #Landscapes, #LongExposure, #Mysumatra, #Nisi, #Photography, #Sony, #Sumatra, #Sunset, #Travel, #Wonderfulindonesia


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