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The Satisfaction

When undertaking the process of capturing a photo a lot of people will not realize the great lengths that photographers go to to get the shot. The travel, the logistics, the equipment and the endless hours to be at the right place at the right time. There is a lot that has to come together. So for the final product to end up on social media and have an attention span of maybe 1 hour on social media platforms is hugely underwhelming. For me to see my prints in a physical large format on a wall is so amazing satisfying. Prints from 1m all the way to 3m wide framed on display on a wall just feels so good and satisfying considering i imagined these images from nothing and now they are here in the flesh. This is now my focus for my photography to bring the prints to life so keep an eye out on my online store to see if anything suits the walls of your home or office.


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