Beautiful Bengkulu Part 1 – Land of The Rafflesia

I love the feeling of printing your very own photos. The feeling of the work you have created from essentially nothing and having that print in your hands is always a great sense of achievement. Especially when you can create something in book form as a collection.

As a small “lockdown” project I am creating a series of smaller print square form books called Beautiful Bengkulu to celebrate my local area. The first book in the series is called “Land of the Rafflesia” and celebrates the natural beauty and landscapes that I have captured over the last 9 years. Below are a few sample photos I have selected for the book.

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Kemumu Rice Fields

Sun setting over the Kemumu Rice Fields


Kemumu Waterfall

Kemumu Waterfall in north Bengkulu


Enggano Island

Looking out over the indian ocean from the picturesque Enggano Island

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