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Home Away from Home

On a two week rotation in the jungles of Sumatra. This is home away from home for elephant handlers and forest police working side by side in the Way Kambas National Park (camp Bungur) to help protect the precious habitat that is home to some of the most endangered species on the planet. Including of course the wild Sumatran elephant herds still calling the national park home. Daily patrols venture out to track illegal activity and locate wild elephant herds to make sure they do not enter into nearby villages. This is a crucial activity to help maintain any kind of harmony and prevent human/elephant conflict. For 2 weeks at a time this is called home until the next rotation of elephant handlers and forest polica arrive.

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Is it, It is TIME!

I was wanting to take a good sunset shot at the beach this afternoon but it was a bit hard to ignore the trash piled up on the beach. I got my sunset shot but angled my camera towards the beach and took 50 photos of different pieces of trash within a 50 meter stretch of the beach. Look at this spectacular planet and the incredible views and life it provides us and look at how we treat it.



At what point do we say as a human race “Well that’s enough then, this has to stop”. Is it now? Tomorrow? Was it yesterday? Are we all just too late to stop this crazy take on life we have carved out for ourselves.


Watching locals run around bare foot taking selfies in and around trash filled beaches in Sumatra just seems so sureal. Others enjoying a snack watching the sunset just a few feet from piles of trash. Just stop for a second and look at it from the outside, it is certainly within the realms of insanity.



Are we all that self obsessed that we chose to continue to ignore the obvious so we can feed our social media needs and ignore the real world around us. What a sad state we are in as an intelligent race. As Paul Watson once said “Intelligence is the ability of a species to live in harmony with its environment”. I agree. At least we should be trying a hell of a lot better to live in harmony with this planet.

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Next Generation

So much is reliant on the next generation. The next generation of humans and the next generation of elephants too. As best as possible we need to give all remaining Sumatran elephants the opportunity to breed while simultaneously working constantly to maintain a beautiful and pristine habitat for these incredible animals to live peacefully. With each child we bring into this world we need to install a new culture of one of love for the animals, education and a way of life that lends itself to living in harmony with the incredible species found on the island of Sumatra. Every day is our opportunity to change things. Link in the bio. #elephants #conservation #sumatra #wild #berdiri #fightforanimals

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Camouflage Camera Traps

Our attempts to camouflage camera traps were met with mixed results. Poachers and loggers have an appetite for destruction if they spot a camera.

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Wild Elephants of Way Kambas

A gorgeous herd of wild elephants make their way across the Way Kambas National park in the early morning hours captured on the Berdiri (http://www.berdiri.org) camera traps.